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Take care of yourself & your team

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Take Care Of Yourself & Your Team.


Why create art at work?

“I’m not an artist.”
“I’m not creative.”
“What does this have to do with my job?”


The more creative we can be, the more we can learn to think outside the box, the more diverse viewpoints we can bring to our interpersonal, workplace, and personal concerns the better off we are.


Creative tools
for the workplace

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"The new pickle."

— Postprandial Magazine

Batch :
No. 3

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California natives Petra Frenkel and Gordon Byun are passionate about pickles. Gordon was raised on a steady diet of kimchi in a traditional Korean family. Helping his mom make the spice mixture and prepare the vegetables, he learned from the best. Petra blames her pickle obsession on her parents who migrated to SoCal from New York. Dissatisfied with the L.A. pickle ecosystem, her parents made kosher pickles at home. Petra became a bit of a pickle-snob, but thinks that everyone should eat delicious things, so it’s really more of an egalitarian snobbery.