PopUp Creativity

Last week, as part of the Aging in America conference, we facilitated a giant collaborative version of our #OnMyMindPrompt

The happy hour, organized by Aging2.0 San Francisco Chapter and the American Society on Aging's Network on Environments, Services and Technologies (NEST) constituent group, and sponsored by the Aging2.0 Alliance, was well-attended. Attendees filled the rooms with excited conversation and enthusiasm for developing tech solutions for all of us as we age. 

We invited people to join us in creating a collective brainstorm--filling the blue-sky mind with thoughts on conference sessions, aging, challenging issues, innovative solutions and other responses. Though people were a little hesitant at first, as soon as a few responses were added, people engaged. By the end of the evening, the whole mind was filled with ideas, questions, and opportunities for future exploration. Some of the interesting individual responses are below:

  • Everyone here cares deeply about seniors. How do we translate that into real change in our world?
  • Let’s design for older adults with them not for them.
  • How do we convey we have value all of us at any age?
  • Women in tech are powerful!
  • I’d love the opportunity to share more with colleagues.
  • Embrace mindful practice and technology connecting the past to the future.
  • My word of the day: Operationalize. 

When we returned to the office, we entered all the individual responses into a wordcloud application. It generated another powerful representation of the intersection between technology and the field of aging:

Aging 2.0 Happyhour PopUp Wordcloud

Which words stand out to you? What would you add?

We would love to bring this creative tool to your workplace or event. Let us know how we can inspire and connect your team!