Creative Goal Setting

It is the time of year for performance reviews and goal setting for the next fiscal year in our offices. Spending time reflecting on work that has been done, workplace efficacy, and planning for the future is important, but our methods for engaging in these conversations may need re-imagining; employees "want to find meaning in their work, frequent feedback and recognition for their contributions" according to this article in Forbes. Providing more frequent feedback eases the tension around a big annual review, which may improve workplace relationships.

So how can we infuse some creativity and innovation into the review process? 

We have been experimenting with incorporating art and other dynamic visual images into presentations about completed projects. We have also used informal art exhibits and "gallery walks" as a means to review completed work and pitch new ideas.

Adding visuals gives a richness and texture to the discussion. On the employee's side, creating these images requires taking some quiet time to reflect on the year. Using these images as the stimulus for conversation allows for a deeper engagement in the whole picture of work--not just checking off task boxes, but also the emotional, social, and intellectual aspects of work.

We have some creative kits and facilitated workshops available; please get in touch with us and we would be happy to assist you in bringing some creativity into your goal setting, evaluation, and recognition practices!