"Back to Work" Supplies...

school supplies 1.JPG

If you have been into any stores in the past few weeks, you have probably seen the big "back to school" signs or seen sales on binders, pencils, and backpacks. 

Maybe you lingered over a bright multi-colored package of pens or looked longingly at a planner with a particularly appealing cover.

Lifelong learning is a great way to stay engaged and energized on the job, and many of us pursue opportunities for continued learning, but "back to school" supplies are not restricted for student use only. In fact, our different learning styles (Lamarche-Bisson, 2002) might benefit from substituting black or blue pens for pens of all different hues. In a study (Liu, Stappers, Pasman, & Taal-Fokker, 2013) comparing interactions with space, technology, and others at home and at work, participants preferred the playful and expressive types of interactions they had at home. So how can we bring some of that "playful interaction" into our workspaces?


There is no rule that says your desk supplies have to be boring. 

How might your brainstorming session change if you stimulated creativity with bright colors?

Would your attitude in a business meeting be different if you took notes in a new and innovative way?

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Stocking some fun and creative pens at your desk or in a meeting room can shift our field of vision and pace...from busy, noisy and fast to slow, quiet and deliberate.  Working with pens on paper can also be a break from the scrolling and thumb-typing we do on our phones; think of it as exercise for the rest of your fingers!

We encourage you to check out our shop for some ideas about ways to bring creativity into your workplace. We would be happy to work with you on some ideas that are just right for your team, getting on the creative track as we head into fall. We would also love to hear about your favorite office supplies; leave us a comment and tell us what you love and why!