Collaborative Group Journal

Collaborative Group Journal

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Art journals, group book art, and group projects have been used to improve group cohesion, stimulate discussion, and foster a sense of wellbeing and cross-cultural connectedness (Chilton, Gerity, LaVorgna-Smith, & MacMichael, 2009; De Vries Sokol, 2015; Jernigan, 1999; Partridge, 2011; Someguy, 2007). This project will engage your staff in weekly prompts, utilizing poetry, images, color, and texture to inspire collaborative work in a group journal.

At the launch of the group journal, you will receive a book with the first creative prompt and a selection of basic materials. Each subsequent week, you will receive a new directive for the journal, along with a selection of special materials. This project will allow participants to add to a group journal during break times, between their regular work tasks, or at the end of the day.

Time for quiet reflection and mindfulness have been found to be supportive of many different aspects of work (Littman-Ovadia, Zilcha-Mano, & Langer, 2014) and have been used as self-care and burnout prevention in healthcare settings (Raab, 2014). The Group Journal project will encourage reflection and relaxation, both through explicit directives and through the process itself.

Group Journal Option:
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This project is designed to invite everyone’s participation—either with the ballpoint pen from her or his pocket to use of the provided art materials. We suggest placing the journal in a secure common area like a break room or staff lounge.

6 Week Journal Package

What you will receive: This package includes the journal and an array of materials with prompts and supplemental materials mailed each week. Materials are meant to be used by 1-3 people at a time and will last the duration of the project. The prompts will vary from week to week and will invite staff to add input and connect with each other. 

6 Week Journal Package with Facilitation
(This package is available in the San Francisco Bay Area only at this time)

What you will receive: Same directives and number of engagement opportunities as the standard 6 Week Journal Package. Dr. Partridge will facilitate an opening and closing session using the group art journal; these sessions will frame the journal project as a collaborative, creative space and encourage the use of the journal for self-care and group cohesion. Upon purchase, we will be in contact with you to coordinate the opening and closing facilitation sessions.

6 Weeks of Prompts

What you will receive: This package includes additional prompts and supplemental materials mailed each week for an additional 6 weeks--great to extend one of the journal packages. The prompts will vary from week to week and will invite staff to add input and connect with each other.